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Quality, Beautiful Pool Deck Coatings for Concrete

Your home’s pool deck should be a safe, non-slip area where you can lounge by the pool, sunbathe, and get ready to jump in. Without a pool deck coating, some decking materials can get very slippery when wet, increasing the risk of a fall or accident. At Custom Floor Coatings, we specialize in the professional installation of high-quality, beautiful pool deck coatings in Jacksonville and St. Augustine, FL. Our range of durable, low-maintenance swimming pool deck coatings will enhance the safety and beauty of your pool area and help you get ready for summer swimming. Call us today for a free quote or to schedule a consultation.


Why Consider a Swimming Pool Deck Coating

Installing a pool deck coating will make your pool deck less slippery so that you, your family, and your guests are less likely to suffer from a slip, fall, accident, or injury. Pool deck coatings increase the friction on the decking surface and improve grip. Pool deck coatings for concrete, cement, and brick surfaces can also enhance the beauty and lifespan of your pool deck area. Coatings protect the decking material from extreme temperatures, chemicals, wear and tear, pest and animal damage, cracks, and more. Many pool deck coatings are also available in various colors, textures, styles, and designs to revitalize your pool area and upgrade its aesthetics.

Types of Pool Deck Coatings

We offer a variety of high-quality pool deck coating options. We can walk you through your options so that you can choose the right type of pool deck coating for your needs, goals, and budget:

  • Concrete Resurfacing and Staining – Concrete resurfacing is crucial for concrete pool decks that are cracked, shipped, or damaged. With resurfacing, we can repair damage and upgrade the safety and appearance of your pool deck. After repairs are made, you can choose from a variety of colors for concrete staining.
  • Cool Deck / Kool Deck – Cool Deck and Kool Deck coating is a material that stays cool in hot temperatures. We can use it to resurface your pool deck and add color and texture to enhance its beauty, durability, and safety.
  • Acrylic Stamp – Acrylic stamping is an option after concrete resurfacing. We can create textures that mimic the appearance of natural stone or pavers while enhancing the durability and safety of your pool deck.
  • Epoxy Pebble Resin – Epoxy pebble resin creates a textured, pebbled look using epoxy resin. This enhances the beauty of your pool area and makes it safer to walk on.
  • Stamped Concrete Overlay – A stamped concrete overlay allows us to repurpose your existing concrete slabs. We will resurface and overlay the concrete with a stamped design, adding beauty and texture and minimizing slips and falls.
  • Pool Deck Coatings for Concrete – A simple, cost-effective way to resurface your pool area is concrete pool deck paint. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and finishes, and this simple pool deck coating will beautify your pool area and make it cooler and safer to walk on.

Benefits of Pool Deck Coatings

The biggest benefit of a pool deck coating installation is enhanced safety. Pool deck coatings make decking surfaces less slippery, which is especially important when the pool deck is wet. Other benefits of pool deck coatings are:

  • Extended lifespan of the pool deck surface
  • Reduced liability for accident or injury
  • Increased property value
  • Enhanced beauty of the pool and spa area
  • Refresh your pool area with a selection of colors, styles, textures, and designs

Our One-Day Pool Deck Coating Installation Process

We offer a stress and worry-free pool deck coating installation process. Our team will work closely with you to choose the perfect color and type of pool deck coating for your needs, goals, and budget. We offer one-day installation, and our team works efficiently yet precisely to ensure the job is done perfectly. Our process is:

  • First, we prepare and repair your pool deck surface by filling in cracks and imperfections.
  • Next, we power wash the pool surface to remove dirt and grime.
  • Then, we acid-wash the surface to make it more porous so that the pool deck coating will adhere properly.
  • Then, we carefully apply two coats of the pool deck coating, letting it dry thoroughly between each coat.
  • Next, we apply the overlay or top coat.
  • Finally, we cure and seal the coating for longevity and beauty.

Why Choose Custom Floor Coatings

Custom Floor Coatings specializes in decorative concrete flooring services in Jacksonville and St. Augustine, FL. Our flooring specialists have years of experience and are highly trained and skilled in flooring installation. We offer flake floor installation, epoxy floor installation, decorative flooring systems, concrete staining, and more. We can provide decorative resurfacing for pools, driveways, decks, garage floors, patios, porches, and walkways. Our team offers one-day installation backed by a 5-year warranty. Each member of our team is committed to upholding our company values: commitment, quality, community, responsibility, innovation, support, leadership, and teamwork. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and aim to exceed customer expectations on each job. We handle residential, commercial, and industrial flooring services and will work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

Schedule a Consultation for Pool Deck Coating Services

Call us today or contact us online to schedule a consultation for pool deck coating services in Jacksonville or St. Augustine, FL. We offer free quotes and in-home estimates. We will assess your space, discuss your needs and goals, go over your budget, and help you find cost-effective flooring solutions that enhance your property’s beauty and safety. Our pool deck coating solutions make your pool deck area safer, less slippery, and more attractive. With a huge selection of deck coating options, we’ll make it easy for you to give your pool area a fast, beautiful makeover just in time for summer.