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Professional Floor Coating Installation in Jacksonville & St. Augustine, FL

Custom Floor Coating provides excellent professional installation in Jacksonville & St. Augustine, FL. Our quality services are completed by licensed, insured installers. We’ll coordinate your floor coating installation and get the work done quickly for your convenience. Our team of certified contractors will walk you through the costs and benefits of our services and provide total support. We offer guaranteed quality results and have handled countless similar jobs in the past. We can give you an accurate estimate of the time it will take to complete the project. Our trained professionals use the proper tools and supplies and utilize essential methods for the best results.

man using sander on garage floor

Professionalism at Its Best

Our professional floor coatings are highly customizable and last much longer than a painted concrete floor. We can strengthen and protect your concrete floor with sound engineering and ingredients from our professional installers. We use industrial-grade plastic materials that bond with the base layers. This coating is ideal for commercial and industrial use since it lowers maintenance costs and can withstand continual exposure to chemicals. Our qualified installers pay close attention to detail and use a specialized application process to ensure long-lasting quality results. Professional floor coatings eliminate concrete dust, are easy to clean, and offer excellent aesthetic appeal.

man pouring epoxy

Don’t DIY; Here’s Why

Although DIY installation may be cheaper than hiring a professional, applying an epoxy kit isn’t as simple as it seems. Direct contact with uncured material can cause skin irritation. A DIY coating can only be applied with a thickness of 5 mils, whereas our professional coating can be applied from 15 to 30 mils, which is three to six times thicker. The floor must be prepared carefully, and the results may not last long without cracking, flaking, and peeling. The professional epoxy coating offers lasting quality results. A floor coating installed by an experienced professional can last up to 20 years.

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